Two SAP Projects Reported Complete at September BSAC Meeting - 09/17/09

Amid the System Support Group’s (SSG) attention to the SAP system service pack upgrade, the group recently reported the completion of two of the projects listed as SAP priorities.

The report was delivered at the Sept. 9 meeting of the Business Systems Advisory Committee (BSAC) meeting.

Debra Dillman-Crowell, senior business analyst with the SSG’s Human Resources team, led the effort for the ESS-Self ID Portal Changes, previously No. 15 on the project list; and Additional Payment Order Field, which was No. 36.

As Dillman-Crowell explained, the ESS self-identification portal change involved two minor alterations to the self-identification information page of ESS. Both involved changing the radio buttons to check boxes. The change stemmed from a request by the Office of Institutional Equity to enhance users’ flexibility in self-identifying their ethnicity and disabled status.

Previously, once users identified themselves as “Hispanic,” the only option they had to undo that choice was to click the “Not Hispanic” button. The same situation applied to “Disabled” and “Not Disabled.” With the check boxes replacing the radio buttons, now users can uncheck their selections if they choose to and leave the box blank.

The other completed project involved a query called “Additional Payment,” where users can search for what additional payments had been made to an employee. The change involved the addition of a field called “Internal Order.”
As of Sept. 2, there were 41 projects on the SAP projects priority list. Four non-SAP projects appeared on the non-Sap project list.

OnePurdue support groups work with central and departmental business staff on SAP projects that are recommended for priority by the Business Systems Advisory Committee. A non-SAP project list is coordinated by Business Services Computing staff.

Members of the advisory committee are customers of the business systems and owners of the supported business processes. The BSAC’s next meeting will be Oct. 13.