Process for Viewing Scanned Documents Until WebView Replacement Project Is Completed - 11/6/12

During the change from WebView to ImageNow, users who experience difficulty accessing scanned documents should make several attempts at varying intervals. If the document is still not accessible, they may contact Central Files staff for assistance.

Central Files staff can also retrieve paper copies of documents; however, those are available for only the 2011-12 and 2012-13 fiscal years.

If a desired document is mission critical, such as for use in an ongoing investigation or internal audit, please contact Gene Ann Fausett for assistance.

In the event all efforts to retrieve a needed document fail, there is a process for requesting scanned documents from a third-party vendor. However, due to cost factors, using the outside vendor should be limited to the most critical circumstances. If at all possible, please wait until Stellent/WebView’s replacement system, ImageNow, is in place and functional, which is on track for a November rollout.

ImageNow is scheduled to go live Nov. 5 for use by University Development and Nov. 19 for Central Files. To help make the transition as easy as possible for Central Files users, Fausett is preparing a quick reference card containing instructions to navigate the new system. She also is planning to present at least one showcase prior to the Nov. 19 go-live.