PMO Reports Recent Completion of Seven Prioritized Projects - 04/22/10

The Project Management Office (PMO) team reported at their meeting Wednesday that seven projects on the Business Systems prioritized projects list have reached “100 percent complete” status since mid-March.

Among the completed projects is “Consolidated Budget Report,” previously No. 2 on the list. Headed by Pam Bower, manager of System Support Group (SSG) Finance Team, the project focused on the development of a single report containing a department’s total budget. Instead of running separate reports for Human Resources and Funds Management data, the new consolidated budget report  provides both, as well as personnel costs by name and non-personnel costs. The report will serve as the final operating budget to be shared with deans and department heads, plus it can be exported to Excel. The project was requested by Amy Copas of Budget & Fiscal Planning in September 2008.

The Finance team also completed project “Add 2000-2006 WOs (Write-offs) to PSCD (Public Sector Collections Disbursement),” previously No. 36 on the list. For the project, the team set up new business partners, and enabled payment processing through SAP and encumbrances on bad debt charges to be removed. Previously, the mainframe system applied the payments and removed the encumbrances. With the work completed, all write-offs from 2000 to the present will be in one system, PSCD/SAP; and payment processing will be automated in SAP. The project was requested by Edie Doland, operations manager, Accounts Receivable.

The balance of the completed projects this month are:

     • FY2011 Budget Preparation, previously No. 1
     • 2009 HR Year End Taxes, previously No. 3
     • Person-Position-Salary History, previously No. 25
     • Create Cost Transfer Report, previously No. 32
     • Modify Nightly Student Interface, previously No. 42

The project management group is composed of representatives of most central support areas for business systems. Details about the project prioritization process are available in the Request and Prioritization Process document posted to the Business Systems Advisory Committee Web site. A new prioritized project list is posted to the BSAC site monthly. The latest priority list is dated April 6.