PMO Adds Two New Projects to Priority List - 10/28/10

The Project Management Office (PMO) added two requests for service to the Business Systems Projects in Progress list in October.

Details of the new projects include:

1. Error Notifications for XML Suppliers (Change in Scope)
    -- Recommended position on current priority list: Part of SRM Optimization project, No. 18
    -- Requested by: Carol Conner, business process manager, Procurement Services
    -- Process owner: Carol Conner
    -- Business Systems Advisory Committee (BSAC) sponsor: Carol Conner
    -- Business Systems Steering Committee (BSSC) sponsor: Jeff Walker, interim director of Procurement Services
    -- Contact: Will Seeger, manager, Supply Chain Team, System Support Group
    -- Description of project: Implement order transmission and e-invoicing for Fisher Scientific, and possibly Cannon IV, GovConnection, HP Direct, Lafayette Office, Lafayette Copier and IKON.
    -- Proposed project timeline: Not indicated

2. Finance Review of Security to Delete Parked Documents
    -- Recommended position on current priority list: No. 47
    -- Requested by: Gayle Stetler, manager, Accounts Payable/Travel; Kay Parker, manager, Financial Reporting
    -- Process owner: Mary Catherine Gaisbauer, comptroller
    -- Business Systems Advisory Committee (BSAC) sponsor: Matt Westhuis, assistant comptroller, Accounting Services; Stephanie Willis, assistant director, Information Support Services, Sponsored Program Services
    -- Business Systems Steering Committee (BSSC) sponsor: Mary Catherine Gaisbauer; Mike Ludwig, director, Sponsored Program Services
    -- Description of project: Review roles to determine the appropriate level of authority to delete a parked document.
    -- Proposed project timeline: The desired implementation is May 2011.

The Project Management Office is composed of representatives of most central support areas for business systems. Details about the project prioritization process are available in the Request and Prioritization Process document posted to the Business Systems Advisory Committee website. A new prioritized project list is posted to the BSAC site monthly.