PMO Adds New Project to Priority List - 07/29/10

The Project Management Office (PMO) added a new request for service to the Business Systems Projects in Progress list on July 21. The project is “Medical Benefit Outsourcing and Online Enrollment,” and it is Priority No. 3.

Details of the project are:

     • Requested by: Cory Melchi, benefits manager, Human Resources
     • Process owners: John Beelke, director of HR staff benefits
     • Business Systems Advisory Committee (BSAC) sponsor: Craig Hamaker, benefits data specialist, HR
     • Business Systems Steering Committee (BSSC) sponsor: John Beelke
     • Contact: Cory Melchi
     • Description of project: The project will enable Purdue employees to enroll online during the annual health plan open enrollment. The health plans will be administered by an outside vendor.
     • Proposed project timeline: October 2010, in time for open enrollment

The Project Management Office is composed of representatives of most central support areas for business systems. Details about the project prioritization process are available in the Request and Prioritization Process document posted to the Business Systems Advisory Committee website. A new prioritized project list is posted to the BSAC site monthly. The latest priority list is dated July 6 and lists 54 projects.