New Accessibility Features Available for OnePurdue Portal and SAP GUI - 10/26/10

The ITEA SAP TCC Portal Team recently added accessibility features to the OnePurdue portal and SAP GUI that provide on-screen navigation options for people with mobility problems and enhance screen reader software for users with vision disabilities.

For the OnePurdue portal, the enabled accessibility feature will allow:
     • text equivalents for page elements included for screen reader software
     • hot key navigation that includes links, tables, trees, tab strips and group boxes
     • SAP GUI launch that displays web-enabled (web GUI) transaction
     • a high-contrast theme with pages displayed in black and white with blue and yellow highlights and slightly larger default font sizes

The feature also changes the colors palette to render portal web pages to a high-contrast theme with slightly larger default font sizes.

In SAP GUI, the enabled accessibility will:
     • include disabled elements in tab chain
     • display list symbols as letters
     • use window’s color and control settings

Other SAP GUI features include:
     • user notification when a script attaches to a running SAP GUI
     • input Help (“F4 Help” or “Search Help”) in dialog box
     • alternative message notification via audio prompt or pop-up window

For more information about the new accessibility features, please see the recently posted SAP accessibility features article on the GoldAnswers website.