Minor Changes Possible in SAP After Upgrade - 12/3/09

Staff may notice a few minor changes in the appearance and operation of their SAP applications on Monday, following OnePurdue’s completion of the system upgrade. For example, in the past some users found slight differences in text, fonts, and colors from those they were accustomed to seeing in SAP.

Thus far, the OnePurdue teams have detected only three minor changes.

The System Support Group Finance Team reports that when staff use the option “Environment – Document Environment – Accounting Documents” from the menu line with SAP transactions, various document numbers appear for each ledger. The referenced “Doc. Number” has changed in some instances. The change will not impact any data and does not interfere with users’ ability to drill down into the document to see entries with all the other document numbers.

The HR team reports the other two changes. The first involves the IT (InfoType) 0094 screen, where a new field, “Case Verification Number,” has been added to the Display Residence Status (I9) (0094) screen. The second involves IT0001, where “Fund” has moved from the right side of the Display Organizational Assignment (0001) InfoType to the left under “Cost Ctr” in the Enterprise Structure section. QRCs illustrating these two changes are available on the Business Services Training and Communications Web site.

If other changes occur after the system upgrade is fully implemented, staff will be advised via Business @ Purdue News. Staff who encounter software issues may want to file a Remedy ticket or call the ITaP help desk at 494-4000.