Implementation of WebNow Document Retrieval System Complete - 11/20/12

ImageNow/WebNow, replacement product for the Stellent/WebView scanning and document retrieval system, is live and accessible online as of 8 a.m. Monday, Nov. 19.
Although implementation of the application is complete, only documents scanned since Nov. 12 are available in WebNow. Central Files staff are still catching up on the backlog of documents to be placed in the new system and appreciate users’ patience during the transition.

Documents currently stored in Stellent/WebView (scanned prior to Nov 12) will be available via WebView until the migration is complete. Conversion of the old documents to the new system is expected to take three months.

The basic search functionality of WebNow is similar to that of WebView. To ease users’ transition from the old system to the new, a WebNow Quick Reference Card is available listing step-by-step instructions for retrieving images. The QRC explains how to: log in to WebNow, select the desired view, run a query, navigate through a document, print, save search options, and exit WebNow.

This QRC is stored on the Business @ Purdue SharePoint site. If prompted to log in, enter Purdue career account and password. To avoid the log-in prompt in the future, please see instructions for making SharePoint a trusted site.