How to Submit Articles to Business @ Purdue News - 09/11/08

While many of the articles available on the Business @ Purdue News Web site are contributed by designated “content providers,” any Business Services or business employee of Purdue University is welcome to submit story ideas.

The news content for Business @ Purdue News is gleaned from a variety of resources. From immediate situations to general announcements, suitable content may include: deadline reminders, new or changed processes, new or updated forms, clarifications of existing procedures, problems, delays, solutions, training sessions, how a new oversight committee operates, introduction of a new Web site feature, tips and more.

When staff members become aware of information they believe appropriate for Business @ Purdue News, they should feel free to take it to the content provider for their department. That person will evaluate whether the suggestion is newsworthy and may choose to forward it to the Business @ Purdue News communications specialist for publication.

Please check the complete listing of the B@PNews content providers available under the “General Info” gold tab at Business @ Purdue News and bookmark it for future reference. Although there is not an assigned content provider for every area of Business Services, employees in areas where a content provider has not been assigned may submit their story ideas directly to Business @ Purdue News by clicking the submission form link at the bottom of the Web page. They may also submit stories to any content provider.

The more staff members who help furnish articles to Business @ Purdue News, the more helpful and valuable this communication tool will become.