Completion of Debt Management System Reported at August BSAC Meeting - 08/18/09

The Business Systems Advisory Committee (BSAC) learned Tuesday, Aug. 11 that the Debt Management System project, in the works for the past several months, was ready for the list of completed projects.

Previously, Treasury Operations had used Excel spreadsheets to monitor and maintain University debt paid from various funding sources.

“It was cumbersome doing it in Excel,” Director of Treasury Operations Denise Laussade said, “and there was a need to streamline and make processing changes efficient.”

To review processes, determine needs, assess vendors and test software, Laussade sought input from Business Services Computing (BSC) and Brian Gilbert, financial analyst in Treasury Operations. Treasury Operations ultimately chose DBC Debt Manager, a software system Laussade expects will streamline the efforts required to maintain data, generate related reporting and provide reminders when repayment is due. She noted a significant advantage to the new software is its ability to run scenarios on different aggregations of data.

The assessment was somewhat difficult because so few software companies offer the sort of options needed to report the University’s current and future debt obligations, Laussade said. After considerable due diligence, the team agreed on the product it believed would best enable modeling and scenarios by project, campus and issuer level.

Currently, the project is in the midst of data being input from Excel to the new DBC Debt Manager.

“We are implementing a historical database to put into the software package and hope to incorporate our entire debt portfolio,” Laussade said, noting she expects that portion of the work completed around Oct. 1.

The impact of the new software will indirectly affect every unit of the University which has debt-funded buildings, she said.

Assisting with the Debt Management System project, in addition to Laussade and Gilbert, were: Tammy Murray, who was project manager, Lisa Bowerman and Terry Schroeder, all of BSC; and Jim Slopsema, Rick Thompson and Tim Kite, all of IT Systems and Operations.

The BSAC is part of the governance for business applications support. The committee meets on the second Tuesday each month, and its agenda includes a discussion of the requests for SAP and non-SAP system changes, enhancements and repairs. The committee recommends to the Business Systems Steering Committee (BSSC) the requests to move to the OnePurdue Business Systems project list. The BSAC also suggests the order in which those projects should be handled.

Members of the advisory committee are customers of the business systems and owners of the supported business processes. The BSAC’s next meeting will be Sept. 9.