Changes to Published Employee Salary Listing - 02/12/13

Every year local newspapers request the salaries of all Purdue employees via the Access to Public Records Act.  Since Purdue University is required to submit salary information annually to the State of Indiana for all of its employees, this salary listing was provided to them.  In October of 2012, the State released new guidelines for the preparation and submission of salary information which significantly changed the reporting from budgeted salary to Total Compensation for the prior calendar year.  In order to help provide meaningful information, both the employee base salary (which does not include administrative adjustments or shift differentials) and total compensation will be given to the local newspapers.  This notice about the change in salary reporting is being provided to employees in advance of the data being published publicly.

Total Compensation is the amount equal to taxable income on the W2/1042 plus all pre-tax deductions (e.g. employee contribution to health plan).  The most significant differences from budgeted salary pertain to those faculty and staff who receive compensation in addition to their base salary, such as summer salary support for academic year appointments, shift differentials and overtime for eligible staff, administrative adjustments, auto and housing allowances, bonuses etc.  Faculty and staff starting during the year will only have partial year reported; thus appearing to be lower than their annual base salary.  Although paid compensation from all appointments is included, only the name of the primary organizational unit is disclosed.

As an employee you may calculate your base salary and Total Compensation from the information found on your December 2012 pay statement and 2012 W2/1042.