Changes Reported in SAP Following Successful Upgrade - 12/7/09

As OnePurdue teams successfully completed the SAP system upgrade this past weekend, they noticed a few minor changes in SAP.

Following are those changes.

Work Protect Mode
Some Employee Self Service users have reported that when navigating through Web browser screens, they occasionally are alerted by a pop-up box advising that they have unsaved data on their current screen and navigating from the page may result in lost data. This is a default option, which users can change in their personal settings within the SAP Portal. The necessary steps are outlined on the Work Protect Mode QRC posted on the Business Services Training and Communications (BSTC) Web site.

Back to Sourcing Link
In SRM, procurement professionals and material expeditors who create a purchase order (PO) from the sourcing cockpit will notice that the “Back to Sourcing” link has been removed from the top right corner of their “Change Purchase Order” screen. Details are illustrated in the Back to Sourcing QRC posted to the BSTC Web site.

PO Approval Link
In SRM, purchasing staff have noticed that when approving a purchase order, the “Back to Approval” link no longer appears in the upper right corner of their screen. Details are illustrated in the PO Approval Link QRC posted to the BSTC Web site. The “Back to Approval” link is still there, however, when approving a shopping cart.

Other Differences
A Dec. 3 Business @ Purdue News article advised readers of three minor functional differences previously discovered by the System Support Group. Those changes include:

The first, reported by the Human Resources (HR) team, involves Transaction Code PA20, IT (InfoType) 0094 screen, where a new field, “Case Verification Number,” has been added to the Display Residence Status (I9) (0094) screen. 

The second, also reported by the HR team, involves IT0001, also in Transaction Code PA20, where “Fund” has moved from the right side of the Display Organizational Assignment (0001) InfoType to the left under “Cost Ctr” in the Enterprise Structure section. QRCs illustrating these two changes are available on the Business Services Training and Communications Web site.

The Finance Team noticed the third change reported last week. The change is seen when using option “Environment – Document Environment – Accounting Documents” from the menu line with SAP transactions, various document numbers appear for each ledger. In some instances, the referenced “Doc. Number” has changed.

Some SAP Users May Need to Clear Their Internet Explorer 7 Cache
Some users have reported being unable to see the detailed navigation menu items on the left hand side of their SAP Portal.

Following is the step-by-step process for setting up that capability by clearing the individual user’s cache:

1.  Close all Internet Explorer windows.
2.  Launch one session of Internet Explorer.
3.  From the upper menu, choose [Tools] -> [Internet Options]
4.  Click the [Delete…] button in the middle of the pop up window under the “Browsing history” heading.
5.  Click the [Delete files…], [Delete cookies…] and [Delete forms…] buttons.  If any of the three buttons is grayed out, please contact your desktop support representatives.
6.  After each delete button you click, you will be prompted to make sure you want to delete the files. Click [Yes].
7.  After you are done with all three deletions, click the [Close] button.
8.  Click [OK]
9.  Launch the SAP Portal and login.  You should now be able to see your Detailed Navigation.

Illustrated, step-by-step instructions for how to clear the cache in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.X also are available through the GoldAnswers Knowledge System Web site.