Reminder: Business Services’ Dress Policy in Effect Year-Round - 06/9/09

While the “Standards of Personal Appearance and Dress” paragraph of the University’s Faculty & Staff Online Handbook notes “acceptable personal grooming and appropriate attire” as conditions of employment, each department is free to set its own standards. Business Services has adopted a dress policy of “business casual,” detailed in its “Business Casual Dress Policy.”

Because not all casual-wear is suitable for the office, the department developed the guidelines to help its employees determine what is appropriate. Business Services staff are expected to maintain good judgment when selecting their business-casual office attire. Despite the warmer weather, proper office dress, including “business casual,” calls for clothing that is pressed, clean and conveys a professional, business image.

When uncertain about what is acceptable business-casual dress, staff should check with their supervisor.

Staff may also access the “Business Services Business Casual Dress Policy” by visiting the Vice President for Business Services & Assistant Treasurer Web site and clicking the “A-Z Index” in the right column.