BSC Launches Online Customer Service Survey - 11/5/09

An online feedback survey for Business Services Computing (BSC) became available Monday.

The survey is intended to help BSC improve service delivery, a goal identified in the Business Services Strategic Plan. Two of the goal’s supporting strategies are to enhance communications with BSC’s customer base and to implement an integrated process for customer feedback.

The survey will ask customers to rate the way they were treated by staff, if their problem was resolved satisfactorily, and if the BSC staff listened and understood the request. Customers will also be asked to rate their experience working with the BSC, to explain what the staff did well and to suggest ways the BSC can improve.

A link to the survey has been posted to the welcome page of each unit within BSC, including System Support Group, Computing Zone, Training and Communications, Web Development and the BSC home page. In addition, each staff member within BSC will add the link to their email signatures.

Frequent review of the survey results will enable BSC to continually monitor and improve its work methods, policies, practices and procedures to provide the best possible service to its customers.