American Express to Launch Electronic Online Statement Delivery - 06/4/09

Effective with the June 29 billing statement, American Express will no longer provide paper statements to holders of the Purdue American Express Corporate Card. Rather, after that date, all statements will be delivered electronically online.

To receive statements online, cardholders must visit the American Express Web site to enroll and register their account in Manage Your Card Account (MYCA). Once enrolled, cardholders will receive an email notification one or two days after the statement closing date each month to remind them that their statement and payment information is available to view online.

Electronic statement delivery was initiated by American Express, not Purdue, and is not optional for its cardholders. Those already enrolled for paperless statements need not re-enroll and will see no change.

Via the Internet, American Express cardholders will be able to access their statements earlier and initiate charge and payment inquiries from anywhere.