End of Daylight Saving Time Will Affect Some Work Shifts - 10/13/09

When Indiana clocks are turned back one hour at 2 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 1, the University’s third-shift employees including police and firefighters who work that day will have their shifts extended by one hour. If their shift typically lasts eight hours, they will work nine hours, and if they normally work 12 hours, they will work 13 hours.

The University has determined that employees must be paid overtime for this extra hour. Their work week may not be modified to avoid overtime payment.

If an employee requests the option of flexing the schedule (which must be done within the same work week), it is permissible as long as the employee makes the request and the supervisor approves.

For more information, please contact:
     West Lafayette:
          Human Resource Services, Employment and Compensation, (765) 494-0097
          Housing and Food Services Human Resources Team, (765) 494-9418
          Physical Facilities Human Resources Team, (765) 494-1421
          Human Resources Department, (219) 989-2254
     Fort Wayne:
          Human Resources Department, (260) 481-6677
          Human Resources Department, (219) 785-5300