Temporary Moving Allowance Procedures Going Into Effect - 08/20/09

The Tax and Payroll departments will implement temporary moving allowance procedures to better serve the immediate needs of the business offices and new employees.

To avoid charging errors to departmental accounts, moving allowances for new employees active in the Payroll system will be processed through the off-cycle procedures. Business offices will need to complete an ADPAY (Additional Pay Request) Form along with an Off-Cycle Form for these employees.

For employees not yet in the Payroll system, moving allowances will be processed on an Accounts Payable invoice voucher, Direct Invoice Voucher (DIV), regardless of their hire date. The temporary procedures Moving Allowance Payments to Employees are located on Business @ Purdue in the Finance/Payments & Reimbursements category.

Please note the moving policy has not been revised, only the method of processing the moving allowance. The University will still reimburse nontaxable moving expenses via DIVs per the process Moving Expense Reimbursement to Employees.