PMU Billing Process Changed - 11/4/08

The process for billing charges for Purdue Memorial Union (PMU) events office to departmental funds has changed. The process affects PMU events that take place on or after Oct. 1.

Documentation of the new process, Processing Invoices from PMU Events Office, is available online through the Business @ Purdue Web site, listed under the Finance/Payments & Reimbursements category.
Only areas that use a department clearing account -- i.e., agency fund -- to process PMU charges will be affected by the change. Those primarily involve business offices in the director of Business Managers area at the West Lafayette campus.
After an event has occurred, the PMU events office will email the invoice for the event to the appropriate department business office for review. At the same time, the invoice will go to the PMU Business Office, which will process an intramural billing document to charge the appropriate department clearing account fund numbers for all events charges.

Department business office staff will review their clearing account activity on a monthly basis and will transfer the charges from the clearing account fund number to the appropriate department funding source.

Areas involved in the process may use the PMU Clearing Account - Contact Information spreadsheet to determine the correct business office and clearing account to use for billing events. The spreadsheet is posted online under the “Links” gold tab on the Business Managers Web page.

Updated documentation of the current process, Processing Invoices on PMU Department AR Accounts, is still available through Business @ Purdue, under the Finance/Nonpayroll Transactions category. This process will continue to be used for charges billed by PMU that are not from the Events Office.