Payroll Offers Reminder of Off-Cycle Payment Request Process - 04/19/11

Payroll reminds business offices of the guidelines for making off-cycle payments to employees.

The Off-Cycle Payment Request Form with instructions (scroll form down for instructions) can be found on the Forms page of the Payroll website.

Due to the quick turnaround required for off-cycles, the paperwork deadlines are pretty firm. A schedule of deadlines for off-cycle pay dates and related paperwork is available on the Calendars page of the Payroll website.

With the exception of the big mid-September special off-cycle for monthly employees, all off-cycle payments are made on paper checks that must be picked up at the Freehafer check desk. Check desk personnel will call the Business Office Contact listed on the Off-Cycle Payment Request Form when the checks are available for pickup.

Off-cycles are not available for the following circumstances:
       • Awards
       • Moving allowances
       • Quota payouts
       • Early pay (ex–employee leaving country before pay day)
       • Gross amounts less than $50

Remember to send the Off-Cycle Payment Request Form directly to Central Payroll. Do not attach it to the original PA/ADPAY/FA/etc. forms, as those go to a different area and any misdirected forms may not be noticed until it is too late to include them in the off-cycle. For the same reason, do not send original PA/ADPAY/FA/etc. forms to Central Payroll with the Off-Cycle Payment Request Form. All relevant forms indicate to whom they should be sent.

Due to the quantity of off-cycle requests, Payroll is unable to individually confirm the receipt of specific requests. If the Off-Cycle Payment Request Form is received in Central Payroll by the published deadline, Central Payroll will contact the department if there are any problems. Otherwise, the payment will be made as requested.

For more information about off-cycle payments, please see the Off-Cycle Check Requests process located on the Finance/Payments and Reimbursements page of the Business @ Purdue website or contact the