New Process in Effect to Void and Reissue OnePurdue Accounts Payable Checks - 08/28/08

The ECCO staff’s process for voiding and reissuing OnePurdue Accounts Payable checks will now be performed by Accounts Payable staff.

The new process has been redesigned so staff can communicate the pertinent information to Accounts Payable through an interactive Web site. To access it, go to the Accounts Payable Web page and click on the gold tab for Forms. Then click Accounts Payable Cancel/Rewrite and Check Copy Request at the top of the page.

For checks that simply need to be voided and not rewritten, there is no need to complete the Web form; just send the check in campus mail with a note of explanation to: Karen Morehouse, Disbursements, FREH.

The new process is outlined at Business@Purdue.