Tips: How to Find Check Number and Encashment Information - 08/11/09

Staff often ask Accounts Payable (AP) two questions concerning payments to vendors: “How do I find the check number for a payment to a vendor?” and “How do I determine if the check has been cashed?”

AP’s answer: “It depends.”

Detailed, illustrated instructions answering both these questions are now available on the Business @ Purdue Web site on the Finance/Payments & Reimbursements page under the “Tips” heading.

According to AP, if the payment is purchase-order (PO) related, the check number and encashment information can be obtained by using T-code ME23N to drill down into the details of the invoice.

If the payment is for a non-PO vendor or individual, first use T-code FBL1N to locate payment in the vendor history. Once found, drill down into the details of the invoice by double clicking on the document number.

The illustrated instructions are also available on the Accounts Payable Web site under the “Guidelines/Procedures” gold tab.