Hand Tool Allowance Increased, New Process Posted Online - 02/17/09

The University has a long-standing means for providing an allowance for employees required to furnish hand tools as a condition of employment. The cost of the allowance is borne by the employee’s department.

A new Hand Tool Maintenance Allowance process has superseded the Sept. 11, 1979, Business Office Memorandum 165, which previously laid out the maintenance allowance for hand tools.

For departments who participate in the Hand Tool Allowance Program, the annual maximum amount allowable has increased from $300 to $600.

The departments providing the allowance also will be required to reimburse the employees for loss or damage to employee-owned tools that are required and on University premises.

Reimbursements are subject to the following limitations:
 -- Employee pays $50 per loss
 -- Departments pay a maximum of $500 per tool
 -- The department pays a maximum of $10,500 per loss, per employee.

For details on eligibility, departmental responsibilities and establishing the value of the allowance, please refer to the new Hand Tool Maintenance Allowance process posted on the Payments & Reimbursements Information page of the Business @ Purdue Web site.