New FMBB Prepost Functionality to Be Introduced - 02/24/11

Budget & Fiscal Planning and Accounting Services are rolling out a new system functionality allowing staff to prepost their FMBB Budgeting Workbench documents directly into SAP. Previously, staff completed an FMBB Budgeting Workbench form, gathered appropriate signatures and forwarded all to Finance for further approval and posting in SAP.

Allowing business office staff to prepost FMBB into SAP eliminates the form, removes duplicate data entry, reduces keying errors and improves process time and effectiveness of the budgeting workbench process. The routing process for FMBB documents and associated JVs will not change.

Training on the new FMBB Budgeting Workbench process is scheduled in March. Please see today’s related FMBB training announcement for the times/dates of classes and registration details.

Staff must request the new role before the new functionality is available to them. That role, FM210_000_BDGT_DOCUMENT_ENTRY, can be requested through the Role Request Application.

Questions about the new FMBB process may be directed to Stacy Umlauf of Accounting Services.