Internal Operating Budget Schedule Announcement - 05/7/09

While there are uncertainties surrounding the resolution of the state budget, the University plans to move forward with the budget construction as currently scheduled. The application of a zero salary policy and the previous identification of budget reallocations allow areas to proceed through construction and administrative review processes with tentative general fund control figures for all units.

BPS (Business Planning and Simulation System) is now open and populated with budget and personnel data as of April 30, 2009. Units are encouraged to begin updating current and proposed information. The Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning will distribute interim general fund control figures to the West Lafayette Campus as scheduled on May 18.

Once a state budget is set, the Trustees will consider and act on tuition and fee rates for the biennium and final components of the FY 2010 conceptual budget plan. These decisions will be implemented in a final budget and reflected in the BPS as soon as they are known.

Questions or concerns should be addressed to the Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning at 49-47124.