FMBB Pre-posting Functionality Available April 1 - 03/31/11

Training for pre-posting FMBB is complete, and functionality of the ability to pre-post will be available April 1, say the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning and Accounting Services.

Both offices ask staff to begin using the pre-posting of FMBBs with Period 10. They hope to discontinue the FMBB form by April 30. If the deadline must be extended, however, they will advise staff through additional Business @ Purdue News communications.

With functionality soon available, Budget & Fiscal Planning and Accounting Services offer staff a few reminders and hints:

  • The deadline to turn in pre-posted FMBB prior to month end remains the same — three days before the calendar month end.

  • The current period may be used until the last day of the corresponding month. But be aware that the period used on the document is the month it will be posted, even if the document is posted the following month. When this occurs, balances for the month end could potentially change due to this updated posting.

  • Please print and route the pre-posted document for appropriate signatures and forward it to the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning.

  • Once an FMBB is pre-posted, the change is immediately reflected in SAP, and will be updated subsequently during nightly Business Warehouse loads on the Base Budget Tracking Report.

  • When entering the CUL format in the text field for recurring changes — which will not begin again until July 1 — users must start regular text beginning with the 11th character. If that’s not done, the changes in CUL will not be reflected in the Base Budget Tracking Report. When entering the CUL, users do not have to exactly start on the 11th character. Text can begin later in the field, as long as it is past the 10th character.

  • When auditing balances for CUL on the Base Budget Tracking Report, please remember that the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning does not have the means to maintain appropriate control totals for CUL. As a result, colleges and major units need to maintain and control what the CUL totals should be for each area.

  • If users realize that they sent a pre-posted FMBB with an error and need to “undo” the document, please notify the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning and/or Accounting so the document can be removed from auditing/posting circulation.

  • The “Hold” functionality is available to enter data into the FMBB transaction code without actually affecting balances. This functionality also allows the user to change the document prior to pre-posting. Please also remember that a held FMBB can only be viewed by the creator and must be placed in pre-posted status before routing for signatures.

Please direct questions regarding FMBB to the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning or Accounting Services by email at