Cash Balance Reports to Be Available Monthly - 10/2/08

Accounting Services soon will be running a Cash Balance Exception Report every month, Associate Comptroller Ken Wilson announced at the Sept. 17 Directors of Financial Affairs meeting.


The new report will contain two sets of information -- one showing negative cash balances and the other listing all cash balances. It should be available for review on the Accounting Services Web site under the “Reporting” gold tab by approximately Oct. 13.


The cash balance information, sorted by fund and responsible cost center, is extracted from SAP and created using Access. An SAP tcode currently does not exist to execute these reports. Funds included will be agency funds, income producing and auxiliary funds (22, 24), agriculture funds (33, 34), gift funds (51, 52) and student aid funds (61, 62, 63, 64 and 69).


The report will allow departments and other business office staff to see cash balances by their responsible cost centers. This will assist departments in their account management efforts.


“Right now, it is important to have the reports available to business offices can easily access their departmental cash balance information, which has been difficult to obtain without a business warehouse,” Wilson said.


In the future, the report may be available in Excel, he said. Although the format is the “ideal solution,” he is uncertain about when a spreadsheet presentation will be available.


“Currently the Excel version of the report is not very customer friendly,” he said.


Wilson expects the reports to be accessible on the Accounting Services Web site only to specified users with an appropriate Purdue career account.


Regional campus cash balance information also will be available in the reports.


The report previously was available in legacy but has been missing since the SAP go-live.


For more information or to make a comment, please contact Theresa Lin at 494-3637 or, Ken Wilson at 494-7366 or