New Business Training Classes in the Planning - 08/14/08

A series of training classes aimed to help University business employees enhance their knowledge of Purdue University policies is set for a September launch.

The training is sponsored by Director of Business Managers Lucia Anderson, Comptroller John Shipley, and Associate Director of Sponsored Programs Mike Ludwig. It was designed to explain the reasons behind Purdue University policies and procedures, as well as to point out the risks of not following them.

With the implementation of OnePurdue, training has been focused on procedures rather than the policies behind those procedures. Those policies include: pre-award, account establishment, account transaction and document management, cash management and closeout management.

The basic skills classes will be prerequisites for this training offered over the next year. Planned topics are: Cost Principles for Educational Institutions, Pre-award, Account Management First Steps, Daily Account Management Tasks, Signature Delegation, Pre-auditor, Management Reports, Account Management Correction and Certifications, Cost-Sharing Management, Non-sponsored Program Accounts, Recharge Activities, and Account Management Closings.

Please watch Business @ Purdue News for detailed scheduling and registration information.