Accounting Services Has New Process for Parked CRVs - 04/29/10

Accounting Services announced a new parked cash receipts voucher (CRV) process that will allow departments to park their own CRV documents directly into SAP, rather than on a template outside of the system.

The new process will eliminate duplicate keying of data, and ensure that it is accurate before the CRV process begins. The parked CRV process also will speed up the posting of documents and allow departments to track their documents since documents will post individually, rather than in a large batch.

Once the new process is formatted as a written document, it will be posted on Business @ Purdue. However, because the new process is optional, the old process, Deposit Cash and Checks via Cash Receipts Voucher (CRV), will still be accepted. It is available on the Finance/Cash and Banking page of the Business @ Purdue website.

Questions about the new process may be directed to Accounting Services.