Tax Department Reminds Staff About Proper Forms for Wire Transfer - 06/17/10

The Tax Department reminds areas that initiate wire transfers to complete a Form DJV (Direct Debit Journal Voucher) and Form 52A (Request for Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts) rather than using the Form DIV (Direct Invoice Voucher).

Additionally, please place the Form 52A (wire form) on the top of the payment package sent to Tax or Accounts Payable. If the Form 52A is not placed on the top of the package and a Form DIV is used in error, the payment can be incorrectly identified and could enter the regular DIV queue rather than be expedited as is the intent with a wire payment.

Although the structure of the DIV and DJV is nearly identical, proper processing depends on the use of the correct form. The Tax Department thanks staff for their attention to this detail.