OTO Updates Form 52A - 05/25/10

In compliance with new banking industry regulations, the Office of Treasury Operations has revised the Request for Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts, Form 52A.

The changes to the form are:
     • Clearer identification of “IBAN” (international bank account number) through drop-down choices for “Account Identifier Type” when requesting payments to the Eurozone
     • Expanded area for “Memorandum Info” for stating the reason for the payment (travel reimbursement, invoice number, etc.)
     • A line for “Beneficiary Contact Phone” for use when requesting payments to South America and China
     • A line for the Foreign Tax ID number, which must be shown for payments to Brazil and China
     • Additional space, which allows two foreign currencies to be entered on one Form 52A

University personnel use the form to initiate payments to foreign financial institutions, excluding those in Mexico and Canada, and domestic wire transfers. The Form 52A is available online and can be accessed on the OTO and Business Services Forms websites, and the Finance/Cash and Banking page of Business @ Purdue.

For more information, please contact Terri Mimms, assistant director for Department of Treasury Operations, or Ben Angelo, cash analyst for Treasury Operations.