Recommended Annual Accounts Receivable Write-off Approved - 09/25/08

The approved SAP/PSCD Accounts Receivable write-off was processed and transferred to the general ledger on Sep. 18 and 19. Business offices should run the FP04HP Write-Off History Public Sector report to review the dollars written off for their respective areas.

When running the FP04HP-Write-Off History Public Sector report:
-- Choose the Annual Write-Off (P1 & P2) variant
-- Enter the write-off date range of 9/18/2008 to 9/19/2008
-- Hit execute to run the report.

To view the write-off results for a particular area, filter on the fund and/or fund center or another variable of choice, then print the report as needed.

For more information about the report, please contact Edie Doland at 494-7362. For information regarding the accounts written-off, please contact Randy Buller at 496-2904.