Plant Maintenance Adds Two T-codes to PM Display Role - 07/16/09

Physical Facilities has announced that existing transaction codes – KOB1 and KSB1 – have become available for staff with the PM800 display role to facilitate a work order inquiry. The codes allow user to access detail information in a financial format and are helpful when the work order number is not known.

T-code KOB1, “Display Actual Cost Line Items for Orders,” displays detailed cost elements posted to work orders such as parts and supplies (5xxxxx type cost elements), labor (800xxx types) and settlement or recharges (89000x types).

Users of T-code KOB1 should note:
     -- They can enter the work order number individually or as a range (9000000000 to 9999999999). 
     -- The Further Selection Criteria icon allows selection of fund under Documents/Objects. 
     -- On the layout, order number will be the work order number, and CO object name will be the work order short description. 

T-code KSB1, “Display Actual Cost Line Items for Cost Centers,” displays the work order originating the settlement or recharge to cost centers.

Those who use T-code KSB1 will need to: 
     -- Enter cost center. In the “Further Selection Criteria” icon, open “Documents/Objects,” click on “Fund” and enter fund number. 
     -- Enter cost element range 890001 to 890003, posting date range, and execute. 
     -- Be aware that in the layout, CO (controlling ledger) partner object name is the work order short description, and the partner object is the work order number.

For additional information, please contact the Work Request Center at 494-9999.