Web Accessibility Committee Offers Tips for Procuring Universally Accessible Software - 12/20/12

The Purdue University Web Accessibility Committee announces a new resource for making software purchasing decisions that include accessibility for people with disabilities.
How often do you or your department need to identify the best software to purchase? Or do you face situations in which you need to select the best option among several free versions of software?

Accessibility to people with disabilities should be one of the criteria used in making a purchasing decision. However, many are unaware of what questions to ask and what steps to take to assess software accessibility.

Tips for Procuring Universally Accessible Software fills that information gap. Created by Purdue’s Web Accessibility Committee, the document provides simple and straightforward advice for assessing the accessibility of software. It also contains links to other resources for additional information. The free document is available to view or download on the Web Accessibility Committee website.

If you have questions about this resource, or about accessibility issues, feel free to contact the Web Accessibility Committee at