Tip: What to Do if a Confirmation Status Is Error in Process - 07/24/12

If receivers process a confirmation that results in an “Error in Process” status, Procurement Services instructs them to contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk immediately. Receivers should NOT process another confirmation. Doing so creates another issue to be cleaned up. 

Until the issue is resolved, the goods receipt will not post in t-code me23n. 

In most cases, the status of “Error in Process” occurs due to invalid account assignments, accounts being closed, or it’s the beginning of a new fiscal year and the purchase order needs to be carried forward.

Procurement Services and ITEA staff are able to change the status to “Posted in Backend,” which is the goal. 

For additional information, please contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk at 494-7279 or