SRM Instruction Manual Webpage Gives Guidance for SRM - 02/21/13

Procurement Services reminds users there is a wealth of information on the SRM Instruction Manual webpage on the Procurement Services website.

The page has sections based on roles:

Users will find information about:

  • the non-entry/cross reference log
  • how to enter the ship-to address information correctly to avoid a failed order
  • a list of catalog vendors, and the restricted commodities  

Users will find information about:

  • the workflow overview document explaining the fiscal approval workflow
  • how to process substitutions
  • how to add an ad-hoc approver to the workflow

Users will find:

  • an explanation of the return codes in SRM
  • information about how to delete a confirmation
  • receiving tips

Procure-to-Pay Process

There is an explanation of the buyer intervention criteria, when a shopping cart converts to a PO without Procurement Services intervening and when Procurement Services does get involved. 

There are also examples of F26’s (Change to Purchase Orders), information about the procure-to-pay reports and how to access the SharePoint site.