Reminder: Requisitioners Should Include Pricing Information in Vendor Text - 04/5/12

Procurement Services reminds requisitioners to record how a price was obtained in the vendor text field for describe requirement shopping carts.

For example:

  1. If a quote was obtained, enter the quote number in the vendor text field and attach the quote to the first line of the shopping cart
  2. If a price was obtained from a website, list the website and the date visited.
  3. If pricing was obtained by phone or email, type in name of who made the quote and that person’s phone and/or email address. 
  4. If the price is an estimate and the final amount is not known, enter “Estimate.”

The first three examples serve multiple purposes. First, if the shopping cart is sent to Procurement Services, the purchasing agent or assistant may verify that the quote has not expired but may not need to re-do the end user’s efforts. Second, if the information is listed on the purchase order, the vendor will be alerted that it quoted a price and should invoice at the quoted price. If that information is not included on the P.O., the vendor will not be aware of the quote and will likely invoice at their regular higher price.

If the price is an estimate, listing a “not to exceed” amount is recommended. Using a “not to exceed” amount will protect the department in the event the vendor determines the amount will be higher than the amount listed on the P.O. The vendor will need to contact the department for approval. 

If how the pricing was obtained isn’t known, list “Unknown” in the internal note field. For these shopping carts, using a vendor list is not recommended. Use the preferred vendor; this will send the shopping cart to Procurement Services so the purchasing agent/assistant can verify pricing and get the best total cost of ownership possible. If a vendor list is used and pricing is incorrect, a blocked invoice or GR/IR account issues could result.

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For additional assistance, please contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk at or 494-7279.