Procurement Services Announces Updates to Vendors in SRM - 03/7/13

Procurement Services has made several vendor updates in SRM. To view all non-entry or cross references, please visit the Non-Entry/Cross Reference Log.
The following vendors were deactivated in SRM:

People’s Welding Supply, vendor 6129; use Praxair Dist Inc., vendor 6257
Techni-Tool, vendor 7075; use Grainger, vendor 2657
Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc., vendor 8609; use Santa Cruz Biotech, vendor 6625
Canaley Process Equipment LLC, contact Jessica Brooks in Procurement Services for assistance

The following vendor has been re-activated in SRM:

Dolen Tool Sales Inc., vendor 1908

The following vendor has changed its name in SRM:

Vistar, vendor 12632; is now Performance Food Group dba Vistar