Procurement Services Announces Updates to Vendors in SRM - 01/22/13

Procurement Services has made several vendor updates in SRM. To view all non-entry or cross references, please visit the Non-Entry/Cross Reference Log.

The following vendors have been deactivated:

Knoll Inc. dba RJE Indianapolis, vendor 3667, contact Deb Walker for assistance
Vulcan Construction Materials LP, vendor 7548, use Heritage Aggregates LLC (Sand & Gravel), vendor 13878
Canon USA Inc., vendor 7755, contact Vicky Walker in Procurement Services for assistance
CODO Design Inc., vendor 14058, contact Sheryl Schaible in Procurement Services for assistance
Whitlock’s Inc., vendor 5547, use D&E Initiatives LLC dba Whitlock’s Pressure Wash LLC, vendor 14725
United Crystals Co., vendor 8681, use United Crystals Inc., vendor 14722
Life Measurement Inc., vendor 11130, use Cosmed USA, vendor 14723