The All Postings Report QRC Provides Guidance for Finding PO-Related Commitments - 03/19/13

The All-Postings Report identifies commitments for account management.

This QRC identifies PO- related commitments.  The QRC All-Postings Report PO Commitments may be found on the SRM Instruction Manual page of the Procurement Services website.    The QRC includes instructions for running t-code  FMRP_RFFMEP1AX. 

An additional QRC, Using T-Code me23n, will be helpful in resolving these commitments. 

It’s very important to review and resolve commitments on accounts to report accurate balances.  Per Account Management guidelines, the report should be reviewed on a regular basis. The Business Manager Checklist suggests reviewing it weekly.

This report is used to find Guy Brown PO commitments.   If the item was not shipped and invoiced, or if it was returned and credited, there would be an outstanding commitment.  Guy Brown is a two-way match vendor.  In the funds management (FM) world, the invoice receipt (IR) relieves the commitment and posts the expense for a two-way match vendor.  If no IR has been posted, the commitment is still outstanding.  Or, if the IR is posted but is reversed by a credit memo, then the expense is reversed and the commitment is reposted. 

For additional assistance contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk by email or phone 49-47279.