Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Payment to Vendors

1.  Purchases on Account

Some vendors (payees) may have agreed to extend credit at their discretion.  These vendors provide an invoice upon delivery or pickup of orders.  The invoices are signed acknowledging the receipt of the food/merchandise by an officer/member of the organization.  It is the obligation and responsibility of the organization to submit the invoice online through COOL to process the payment.  Do not wait for a monthly statement to be issued as a late charge may be incurred. 

If the organization maintains an account with a vendor, the vendor generally issues a monthly statement.  IN ORDER TO PAY VENDORS (PAYEES) FOR PURCHASES MADE ON ACCOUNT THE ITEMIZED CHARGE SLIPS OR CASH REGISTER TAPES WILL NEED TO BE SCANNED IN WITH THE MONTHLY STATEMENT.  Please inform your organization members when charging purchases on an organization account, the itemized receipt will need to be provided to the officers to submit online through COOL.

2.  Direct to Vendors (payees)

If the organization wishes to make a payment directly to a vendor (payee), the original itemized invoice will need to be scanned and submitted online through COOL. 

Note: Per University policy, vendors supplying services or rentals will not be paid a deposit or receive payment until services have been rendered or rentals have been received.