Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Check Advance and Change Fund Requests

There may be times when your organization may need a check advance or a change fund.

A Check Advance is an advance of the organization money to be used for large expenses related to organizational needs, (i.e. travel, plane tickets, hotel costs, equipment, etc.).   The payment is made directly to the vendor (payee). Use Expense Code 612 when processing your check request in the COOL system.

A Change Fund may be requested as needed for fund raising projects.  Once the event is over the change fund is to be deposited back into the club account.  Use Expense Code 613 when processing your check request in the COOL system. Use Income Code 213 when depositing change fund back to student organization account.

Officers will be held responsible for the return of receipts supporting the purchase from the check advance and depositing any unused funds.  Accounts will be locked if paid receipts and depositing of unused funds are not returned by the due date noted on the Check Advance/Change Fund Form.