Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Accountability of Funds

Accountability for all funds collected by the student organization is the responsibility of the treasurer.  Accountability can be established in several ways:

  1. The treasurer may maintain a Record of Dues Collected for club dues, which would include the members name, amount of dues paid, and date of payment.  A Participant Roster may also be used for other activities whenever the club is collecting fees from several individuals.  Forms are available on the website.  The treasurer may choose to issue a  numbered receipt for all dues, fees, assessments, and other income received.

  2. Ticket Sales: Numbered Tickets; sales online through COOL; or sales through Elliott Hall of Music Box Office. 

  3. An Inventory & Sales Control Worksheet is generally used by organizations to track inventory of merchandise/goods for sale.  

  4. It is recommended that the organization maintain a completed copy of the Inventory & Sales Control Worksheet in their financial records.  This report, when completed will provide the organization and its members a record of deposits and a summary of the sales event.