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Bus Charter Process

 1.Student Organization submits an Activity Planning Form in BoilerLink.

2. Student Organization’s Trip Coordinator ("Coordinator") submits the Charter and Shuttle Bus Quote Request form to request quotes from the four local vendors listed below. On request form "Name of Department" is your student organization full name and you do not have to process through Ariba. "Submit" once form is complete. Be sure to identify any special needs, e.g. bathroom facilities, driver to wait on location for return trip, etc.

Lafayette Limo

Phone: (765) 497-3828


Express Air Coach (EAC)

Phone: (765) 743-3120


Reindeer Shuttle

Phone: (765) 637-5124


Imperial Travel

Phone: (765) 447-9321


* Preferred companies have been vetted and approved for use by Purdue Risk Management. If you would like to use a company that is not listed above, please anticipate that Risk Management’s review will take time and may delay the approval of the event. In addition, all companies must accept that deposits will not be made and that payment will not be issued until after the trip has occurred and an invoice has been received.

3. Evaluate the quotes recieved and select one of the companies for your trip. Make a reservation with the provider and request a charter agreement or confirmation, depending on the provider.

  • Review the charter agreement or confirmation to confirm that all of the information (e.g., date/s, times, pick up/drop off locations, etc.) are correct.
  • The charter agreement or confirmation CANNOT be signed by student organization members.
  •  Once you have confirmed your reservation with one vendor you cannot attempt to negotiate a better  price with another vendor.

4. Email the unsigned charter agreement/confirmation to BOSO, Add a comment to the Activity Planning Form on Boilerlink confirming that this has been done.

5. Once the email has been received, BOSO will review the Activity Planning Form, the confirmation/agreement, the budget for the event and the COOL account. If BOSO sees no cause for concern, BOSO’s Contracts Administrator will add any necessary changes to the vendor’s charter agreement/confirmation and execute the agreement with the vendor.

6. BOSO will update BoilerLink when the confirmation/charter agreement has been received and then again when the agreement/confirmation has been sent to the provider for signature.

7. Coordinator should notify remaining companies that they have not been selected to provide services for the trip.

7. After the trip, the vendor will send the invoice to the Coordinator.

8. The Coordinator should forward the invoice to the Organization’s President or Treasurer for payment processing. The payment request should include expense code 682 (Vendor Contract – Fed ID #). The invoice should be attached to the request. 


  • Organizations should contact vendors several weeks in advance to allow time for quotes to be generated and to increase the likelihood of shuttle/charter bus availability. 
  • Turnaround time is critical when securing bus reservations. Pay close attention to email and BoilerLink during this time.
  • BOSO will NOT approve any reservation without an Activity Planning Form on file and sufficient funds in your COOL account.
  • Questions regarding Event Budgets and BOSO accounts should be directed to or (765) 494-6724.
  • Questions regarding Activity Planning Forms should be directed to or (765) 494-1231.