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Technical Support Help

If you receive technical support from other than the HR/FIN Computing Zone (Business Services staff in FREH, HOVD, or YONG), you should talk with your technical support about what measures they use to secure data files on the LAN as well as how they secure your workstation.  More specifically you should ask them:

  • How should I close down my workstation at the end of the day?  Log Off or Shut Down?
  • How can I save my files onto a secured server?
  • Are there any automatic scripts run on my machine to clean out temp files for I.E. and Outlook attachments?  If not, how do I manually clean them off?
  • Does the Recycle Bin on the computer get emptied automatically or do I need to delete the files there?  If so, how do I delete them?
  • Can my Microsoft Applications and possibly other applications be automatically set up to default somewhere other than my workstation.  If not, how do I do this manually?

For additional questions on this matter, send an email to bssecurity@purdue.edu