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Senior Vice President for Business Services & Assistant Treasurer Memoranda

April 20, 1964

To: Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices


Policy for Providing Equipment, Material and Services to Outside Firms, Organizations and Staff Members for Non-University Purposes


This memorandum is to clarify policies and procedures regarding the use of University equipment, material and services for non-University purposes including consulting work by staff members.

Special research facilities, services, supplies and equipment unique to a university environment and not readily obtainable commercially are available to outside users for purposes related to research and development on a priority basis after all needs of the University are met. Users are, of course, required to pay full cost including charges to reimburse the University for indirect expenditure, use of specialized personnel, and other appropriate items.

All requests for materials or services for non-University purposes including use by staff members doing private consulting work will be processed following the procedures outlined in this memorandum.

University services will be charged to recover the full costs as follows:

  1. Photographic Service, Central Machine Shops, and Computing Science Services will use external rates as approved.
  2. Chemistry Stores will use catalog list prices.
  3. General Stores, Physics Stores, and Biological Stores will use a markup of 10% on their present catalog prices.


Films listed in the Audio-Visual Center's film catalogs may be loaned on a rental or service charge basis to any recognized school, institution, industry, organization, or responsible individual, provided it abides by the rules and regulations of the Library. The rental and service charges will be based on the approved rate structure and the Director of Libraries and Audio-Visual Center will monitor this program.

Rates will be developed as required for other areas. All new rates and revised rates will be forwarded to the Business Manager and Assistant Treasurer for approval.

The rental of equipment will be established with consideration of the following:

  1. The original cost of the equipment
  2. Age of equipment
  3. Expected useful life
  4. Type of equipment
  5. Use requirements
  6. Length of time equipment will be used
  7. Recovery of indirect cost

All requests for material or services will be submitted to the department providing the service, supplies, or equipment for an estimate of the cost involved. The request must be in sufficient detail so the persons reviewing the request will understand the intent of work to be accomplished. The department will forward the request including their computation of the estimated cost to be charged the user through appropriate school channels to the Office of the Business Manager and Assistant Treasurer for approval. After review by the Business Office, all requests will be returned through school channels to the department providing the services, supplies, or equipment with instructions regarding fiscal and contractual arrangements that may be required. Final approval by the Business Manager and Assistant Treasurer is required prior to making commitments to outside activities.

The Contract Administrator is responsible for final determination of rates to be charged for the rental of equipment, the Comptroller is responsible for approving all other rates, and the Chief Accountant is responsible for assigning account numbers for billing purposes. Sales tax will be charged and gross income tax paid, when applicable, for all materials and services rendered.

D. F. Finn
Business Manager and
Assistant Treasurer