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Senior Vice President for Business Services & Assistant Treasurer Memoranda

February 6, 1981

To: Deans, Directors, Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments, and Offices, and Regional Campus Chancellors


University Vehicle Inspections

Effective Date: February 9, 1981


During the past several years University-owned vehicles were inspected annually in accordance with State law. This inspection was done to assure a high degree of safety in operating vehicles. Despite the revocation of the State law, the University has a responsibility to continue routine inspections to assure safe vehicles for all concerned.

A safety inspection program is being established through the Department of Transportation Services to assure that all licensed University vehicles are in safe operating condition. The program will be similar to the State of Indiana program which was discontinued in March 1980. It will be in effect until such time as a new State program is instituted.

Departments having vehicles covered by this program will be contacted during the next several weeks by Transportation Services.


Any vehicle owned and licensed by Purdue University for highway use must be inspected annually. Vehicles which will have been in operation for one year or longer by 30 June 1981 will be inspected before that date, and annually thereafter. All other vehicles will be inspected on or before the anniversary of the acquisition date, and annually thereafter.



  1. Transportation Services will maintain a file on all University-owned vehicles and notify departments at least 45 days in advance of the inspection expiration dates. The inspection will take approximately one hour to perform on most vehicles and may be scheduled during evening hours to minimize "out-of-service" time.



  2. During fiscal year 1980-81 the following charges will be made to departments:



    2. Automobiles, motorcycles, trailers, and half-ton trucks -- $6.50/vehicle.



    3. Larger trucks -- $9.OO/vehicle.



  3. Vehicles determined to be in unsafe operating condition will not be driven until repaired. Cost of repairs will be charged to the department operating the vehicle. Vehicles not passing inspection for reasons which do not pose an immediate danger to the driver or other persons on the public roads or streets will be given a 30-day extension if repairs cannot be made at the time of inspection. Transportation Services will have the authority to stop unsafe vehicles from being used.



  4. University farms may schedule inspections with qualified service and repair shops in their areas. Transportation Services will provide instructions for the purpose of obtaining inspections locally.



The chief business officers at the regional campuses will be responsible for developing and implementing vehicle inspection programs for their campuses.


Questions concerning the program should be directed to Mr. Don Haines, Manager, Service Operations, at 48636.

C. B. Wise
Vice President for Business
Services and Assistant