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Senior Vice President for Business Services & Assistant Treasurer Memoranda

April 6, 1970

To: Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices


Selective Shutdowns Due to Environmental Conditions

Occasionally, environmental conditions in buildings and/or work areas become so unbearable (hot or cold) or inappropriate (no lights) that staff members are unable to perform their assigned tasks. In these instances, guidelines concerning action that may be taken without impairing the efficiency of the University and penalizing non-exempt (hourly paid) employees are defined below and are in effect as of the date of this memorandum.


Deans and/or Department Heads shall decide when environmental conditions in the building or usual work area are too unbearable or inappropriate for members of the Clerical and Service Staffs to perform their usual assigned tasks. Such environmental conditions which would affect the operation of the department or be detrimental to the health of the employee normally would be the result of the lack of heat and/or power.

When the Dean and/or Department Head finds such conditions too extreme for staff members to perform their work, he has the authority to excuse Clerical and Service Staff employees from further work during the day if other alternatives are not practical. However, since the University tries to maintain a uniform workweek, every effort should be made to find alternate solutions for providing a suitable work place. Some of the alternatives which may be used are:


  2. Arrange for employees to work in another building.
  3. Reschedule for Saturday work.
  4. Allow employees to take work home.

In the event an alternative is not possible, employees may be excused without loss of time or pay. Such an excused absence shall apply only to employees who have reported for work at the time the decision is made. Employees who are on Vacation, Sick Leave or other types of excused absence shall continue in that status.

Excused absences due to shutdowns caused by extreme environmental conditions will be reported on the biweekly time slips as "Other Leave" and explained.


A report of the shutdown shall be submitted in writing to the Business Manager of the Campus involved with a copy to the Personnel Administration Office. The report should include a statement of the conditions under which the shutdown occurred, its duration and a list of the names of the staff members excused.


This policy does not supersede Office of the Vice President and Treasurer's Memorandum No. A-7, "Snow Emergency Procedure", dated 24 January 1966. Furthermore, it is not intended to replace current practice regarding campus-wide situations such as power failure where decisions as to appropriate action will continue to be made by the President or his designated representative.


F. R. Ford
Business Manager and
Assistant Treasurer