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Purdue University Executive Vice President and Treasurer Memoranda Master Listing

(Supersedes Memorandum No. A-8) 

May 10, 1971

To: Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments, and Offices

Re: Approval of Fees and Charges

The following fees and charges will be specifically approved by the Board of Trustees:


  1. All student and staff fees related to the enrollment in Purdue University for credit course work
  2. Fees for evening credit classes and Summer Session intensive courses and credit workshops conducted by the Division of Continuing Education
  3. All fees charged for living in University-owned housing
  4. Fees charged the students, staff, and public to attend major athletic events of the University
  5. Deposits and charges required for application to Purdue University
  6. Parking charges and fines - staff, students, and visitors
  7. Purdue Memorial Union room rates
  8. Changes to staff fringe benefits


The Board of Trustees delegates to the Vice President and Treasurer or his designee the responsibility; and authority to establish and approve all other fees and charges on the Lafayette Campus and Regional Campuses including but not limited to the following (Excluding Continuing Education (1a), reports of such approvals will be made in the President's Calendar).


  1. Continuing Education

    Fees for all non-credit activities, i.e., Conferences and Short Courses, Special Classes, Clinics, Institutes, Seminars and Symposiums. Fees for these activities will be established, upon approval of specific activity proposals.


  2. Other Educational Services


    1. Library foreign language translation charges
    2. Computer and related equipment use charges
    3. Nursery School
    4. Departmental publications
    5. DC-6 Simulator use charges
    6. Special courses - School of Agriculture
    7. Student course materials not sold by local merchants
    8. Pharmacy charges - prescriptions and medical supplies
    9. Departmental machine shops
    10. Copy machine sales
    11. Transcripts
    12. Audio-Visual Center film rental and tape production and rental
    13. Motion Picture film production
    14. Loss and breakage
    15. Achievement Center for Children
    16. Television Unit production and distribution charges


  3. Testing Fees


    1. Hearing tests
    2. Trace elements
    3. Materials testing
    4. Corn performance
    5. Sorghum performance
    6. Fruits and vegetables
    7. Counseling and Testing Center
    8. Measurement and Research Center


  4. Student Health Center Services

    2. Dietary
    3. Radiology
    4. Laboratory
    5. Physical therapy
    6. Inhalation therapy
    7. E.E.G.
    8. Emergency room
    9. Psychiatric
    10. Clinical


  5. Veterinary Clinic Charges

    (Equal to or greater than private practitioners.)


  6. Airport Rates and Charges

    2. Gasoline and oil charges
    3. Landing fees
    4. Tiedown charges
    5. Hangar rental


  7. Other Auxiliary Enterprise Operations


    1. Central Machine Shop charges
    2. Duplicating Service charges
    3. Transportation Service charges
    4. Photographic Service charges


  8. Charges for Facilities Use


    1. Recreational Gymnasium
    2. Ice skating charges
    3. Swimming pool charges
    4. Special program charges
    5. Hall of Music and Loeb Playhouse


  9. Sale of Merchandise in Various Areas


    1. Memorial Union
    2. Golf course
    3. Vending operations
    4. Stores operations
    5. Dormitory grills and laundry


  10. Entertainment


    1. Victory Varieties charges
    2. Convocation and Lecture charges to public


L. J. Freehafer
Vice President and Treasurer