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Changes in Mandatory Retirement Policy
Amendment to B-58 dated 12.19.78 and BM&AT #154 dated 7.13.73

January 22, 1987

To: Deans, Directors, and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices, and Regional Campus Chancellors

Re: Changes in Mandatory Retirement Policy

The recent amendments to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, effective 1 January 1987, prohibit mandatory retirement based on age, except for certain special provisions contained in the law. To comply with these changes University policies pertaining to mandatory retirement are revised as follows:

  1. The mandatory retirement age for tenured faculty and those in administrative and professional positions with tenure awarded in faculty positions will continue to be age 70.

  2. The mandatory retirement age for police officers and firefighters will continue to be age 70.

  3. The mandatory retirement age for University executives in high policymaking positions employed on or after 1 July 1948 and whose immediate retirement income, exclusive of social security benefits, will be $44,000 annually, is age 65. If employed prior to 1 July 1948, the mandatory retirement is age 66. The positions included in this category are defined in an amendment to Executive Memorandum No. B-58.

  4. There will be no mandatory retirement age for any other University employees.

Therefore, Executive Memorandum No. B-58, University Mandatory Retirement Program, and Business Manager and Assistant Treasurer Memorandum No. 164, University Retirement Policy -- Clerical and Service Staffs, are amended by this memorandum. We are reviewing the Tax Reform Act and other federal and state laws to determine how this amendment will affect our employee benefit programs for people working past age 65. Any changes in the above memoranda will be published in revised form as soon as these fringe benefit details can be clarified.

Steven C. Beering