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To: Deans, Directors, and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

Re: Faculty Exchange Leaves

The Board of Trustees has authorized the President of Purdue University to grant Faculty Exchange Leaves to faculty members for the purpose and under the conditions set forth below:

  1. Purpose

    Purdue University, as a major university of the United States, recognizes the benefits which may accrue to the University and its students from its participation in occasional programs of exchange between its faculty members and faculty members of foreign universities. These benefits include the developmental experiences the Purdue faculty member receives from participating in the academic programs and activities of a foreign university, as related to and reflected in his/her subsequent activities at Purdue, and the benefits which the Purdue faculty and students receive from having a faculty member from a foreign university come to Purdue to teach and to do research.

  2. Eligibility and Remuneration from the University

    Any tenured member of the faculty of Purdue University shall be eligible for consideration for a Faculty Exchange Leave. However, he/she must have completed three years of full-time continuous service and normally only one such leave will be granted to a faculty member in a ten-year period.

    In the absence of other sources of support, the University shall continue payment of full salary and fringe benefits for the period of the leave, which is limited to a maximum of 12 months.

  3. Additional Remuneration

    If a faculty member receives an appointment and additional remuneration in the form of a fellowship, grant or other source, the full-time salary rate paid by the University for the period of the leave, will be reduced accordingly. However, the activities resulting from other compensation must not be in conflict with the purpose of the leave. In addition:

    1. Normal consulting arrangements may be continued provided they do not conflict with the purpose and spirit of the leave program and have been approved through normal administrative channels.

    2. Grants or stipend adjustments to defray family travel, cost-of-living allowances and/or research expenses may be accepted, provided such grants, allowances and/or expenses are not personal remuneration.

  4. Fringe Benefits

    Fringe benefits shall accrue to a faculty member granted Faculty Exchange Leave, as follows:

    1. The University will continue its contributions to TIAA-CREF based upon the budgeted full-time salary rate for the period of the Faculty Exchange Leave.

    2. The University will continue its contributions to the group insurance programs based upon the full-time salary rate for the period, provided the individual faculty member continues his/her payments for all the programs.

    3. The University will make payments for Social Security based upon the actual salary received from Purdue.

    4. Vacation leave shall not accrue during the period of Faculty Exchange Leave.

  5. Application for Faculty Exchange Leave

    Faculty Exchange Leave is only available at those universities with whom a general understanding concerning an exchange program has been approved in writing by the President, after review by the Office of Contract and Grant Business Affairs.

    Arrangements for Faculty Exchange Leave shall be initiated and negotiated between schools, departments, or disciplines of the two universities involved prior to making application for approval. After tentative arrangements have been agreed upon, Purdue University staff members requesting Faculty Exchange Leave shall make application by way of a letter to the President or his designee containing the following information:

    1. Purpose of the proposed Faculty Exchange Leave, the location at which the leave is to be taken, and a statement of the reciprocal exchange arrangements,

    2. Benefits which the faculty member believes will accrue to the University as a result of his/her leave and how his/her activities at the foreign university will relate to the operation of Purdue University,

    3. Sources and amounts of total income to be received during the leave period,

    4. Proposed status of his/her consulting activities during the leave period, including President's Office Form #32 (Application for Permission to Engage in an Outside Activity) completed as appropriate for the proposed leave period.

    A West Lafayette Campus faculty member's letter must be endorsed by his/her department head and dean. A Regional Campus faculty member's letter must be endorsed by his/her section chairman or department head and academic dean and by the Chancellor of the Campus.

    After the Purdue faculty member's leave has been approved, final detailed arrangements for the exchange of faculty shall be initiated and negotiated between schools or departments of the two universities. No financial commitments of Purdue University financial resources shall be made without prior approval from the Business Manager and Assistant Treasurer.

  6. Obligation of the Faculty Member

    Any member of the Purdue University faculty taking Faculty Exchange Leave thereby obligates himself /herself to:

    1. Return to the University for at least one complete year of service, and

    2. Submit to the President of the University, through regular administrative channels, a special report covering his/her professional activities. The report should, where appropriate, include an explanation of significant changes from the original plans (5a-5d).

    If the faculty member does not return to Purdue University as specified above, he/she will be obligated to reimburse Purdue University for all compensation (including cost of fringe benefits) received during the period of the leave.

  7. Departmental Report

    At the conclusion of the Faculty Exchange Leave, the head of the Purdue department that receives the services of the Foreign Exchange Faculty member will prepare a detailed report to the President describing the services received. A copy of this report will be filed with the Budget Office as a record of the contributed services.

  8. Deviation from Policy

    The policy stated above is intended to serve all but the most unusual cases. Requests for deviation from the above policy will require special approval by the President of the University.

Arthur G. Hansen